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If you're burdened with high EMIs on your existing loans, it's time to consider a balance transfer. At Rupee Boss, we offer a hassle-free solution that allows you to transfer your loans and enjoy the benefits of lower EMIs. Take advantage of our balance transfer facility and experience greater financial flexibility.

Don't let high EMIs hold you back. Apply for a balance transfer with Rupee Boss today and embark on a path towards greater financial freedom. Let us help you restructure your loan portfolio and make your loan repayments more manageable.
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Why choose Rupee Boss for your Balance Transfer needs?

Service benefits

Lower EMIs: By transferring your loans to Rupee Boss, you can significantly reduce your monthly EMIs. We understand the importance of managing your finances effectively, and our balance transfer option enables you to enjoy a more affordable repayment plan.

Additional Top-Up: In addition to lowering your EMIs, we provide an additional top-up on your existing loan. This means that you can receive extra funds without increasing your monthly installment amount. Consolidate your loan and access the extra funds you need without any financial strain.

Hassle-Free Documentation: We prioritize your convenience and aim to make the balance transfer process as smooth as possible. With minimal documentation requirements, you can experience a hassle-free transition of your loans to Rupee Boss.

Wide Range of Banks: Rupee Boss offers you the option to choose from 30+ banks, ensuring that you can avail the best deals and interest rates. We understand that every individual’s financial needs are unique, and our extensive network of partner banks allows you to find the most suitable terms for your home loan balance transfer.

Balance Transfer Features & Eligibility Criteria


Personal Loan

Home Loan

Loan Against Property

Interest Rate

starts from 9.6% per annum

starts from 8.4% per annum 

Starts from 9% per annum


Up to 72 months

Up to 30 years

Up to 20 years

Age Limit

21 – 60 years

23 – 65 years

21 – 65 years

Type of Employment

Salaried Individuals

Salaried and Self Employed Individuals

Salaried and Self Employed Individuals

Credit Score

Preferably 750 and above (varies across lenders)

Documents Required

Documents required for availing Balance Transfer of loan

Salaried Individual:

1.KYC (Photo, Pan Card, Aadhar Card of Applicant & Co-applicant)

2.Latest 3 months’ Salary Slip

3.12 month bank statement (Reflecting the salary credited) (1June 2022 to till date)

4.Current Address Proof (If rented then rent agreement)

5.2 yrs Form 16

6.Company ID Card / Offer Letter / Visiting Card

7.All ongoing loan sanction letter and repayment track record.

8.SOA (Statement of Account) – Home Loan

9.Sale Agreement

10.Occupancy Certificate (OC) & Completion Certificate (CC)

11.LOD (List of Documents with bank)

* If OC is not available then Plan copy needs to be provided. 

Self Employed Individuals:

1.Individual KYC (Photo, Pan, Aadhar Card of all applicant & Co-applicant)

2.Utility Bill of office and home (Electricity Bill / Gas Bill)

3.Udyam Certificate

4.GST Certificate

5.Gumasta Licence (Proprietor), Company Pan Card/Partnership Deed (Partnership), Company Pan Card/MOA/AOA/Certificate of Incorporation (Pvt. Ltd.)

6.1 year GST return. (June 2022 to Till Date)

7.Last 2 years ITR of company and individual (Acknowledgement, Computation of Income, Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Account with schedules, (If applicable 3CD & 3CB))

8.Last 12 months current account banking

9.Last 6 months saving account banking

10.All ongoing loan sanction letter and repayment track record.

11.Sale Agreement/All Chain Agreement

12.Home loan sanction letter 

13.Occupancy Certificate & Completion Certificate

14.LOD (List of Documents with bank)

Note: The above list is indicative and your lender might ask for additional documents.


1) How can i reduce my EMIs on my existing loan

a. The best way to Reduce the EMI is by doing Balance Transfer

2) Is it advisable to do balance transfer if i have less than 1 year tenure on my existing loan

a. Yes, but to enjoy the major and full benefits of balance transfer, you should transfer your loan in the initial stage, like in the first or second year.

3) Can i merge my existing multiple loans through balance transfer

a. Yes, you can transfer the loan to another bank, but you need to repay the existing loan first. It only makes sense, if you take a loan from another bank at a lower interest rate. Your CIBIL score, credit history and EMI regularity are highly taken into consideration.

4) Does my credit score matter in Balance Transfer

a. It plays a major role in availing any kind of loan. Credit score defines your creditworthiness and your financial portfolio. It determines your repayment history.

5) What is the difference between home loan & home loan balance transfer

a. Home loan is a product which assists an individual to buy a house or flat. Home loan balance transfer is a product where you transfer your existing loan from one bank to another which offers a lower rate of interest.

6) What is MCLR

a. The RBI issued a new set of guidelines known as the Marginal Cost of Funds-based Lending Rate (MCLR). Commercial banks must use the MCLR to set their interest rates. Its main purpose is ensuring that banks pass on the benefit of rate cuts to borrowers.

7) When is the right time to do balance transfer

a. The right time to do a balance transfer is within the first two years.

8) Will balance transfer help me to improve my credit score

a. No, but if you are paying your emis on time without any skips, then only your credit score will improve.

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