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At Rupee Boss, we are a leading corporate loan distribution company dedicated to providing you with the best financial solutions. We bring you Loan Against Property offerings from top Banks and NBFCs across India, ensuring you have access to the funds you need. With our competitive interest rates starting as low as 9%* p.a., we make borrowing against your property affordable and convenient.

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Why choose Rupee Boss for your Loan Against Property needs?

Service benefits

When you choose a Loan Against Property from Rupee Boss, you benefit from attractive interest rates and transparent fees and charges from trusted financial institutions. We understand the value of your property and believe in offering you the best terms and conditions for your loan.

Our customers can take advantage of our loan offerings at the below interest rates. Please note that the actual interest rates may vary based on various parameters, including your bureau score, profile, segments, and approval from competent authorities, among others. We strive to provide you with the most favorable interest rates tailored to your specific circumstances.

A Loan Against Property gives you the flexibility to utilize the value of your property to meet your financial needs. Whether you require funds for business expansion, education, medical expenses, debt consolidation, or any other purpose, our Loan Against Property options can help you unlock the potential of your property and turn it into a valuable asset.

With Rupee Boss, the process of obtaining a Loan Against Property is streamlined and hassle-free. Our team of experts will guide you through the application process, ensuring that you have a seamless borrowing experience. We understand the importance of timely access to funds, and we strive to provide quick approvals and disbursements, allowing you to address your financial requirements without delay.

Make the most of your property’s value with a Loan Against Property from Rupee Boss. Contact us or visit our website to explore your options and start your journey towards realizing your financial goals. We are committed to providing you with the best loan solutions and exceptional customer service. Experience the power of borrowing with Rupee Boss and unlock the potential of your property today.

Key Features

Interest Rate: 9% p.a. onwards

Loan Amount: up to 65% of the market value of your property (may vary across lenders)

Tenure: up to 15 years

Processing Fees: 0.5% – 2% of loan amount (may vary across lenders)

Eligibility Criteria

Loan Against Property eligibility varies across lending institutions and loan schemes so a common set of housing loan eligibility criteria is given below

Age Limit

21 – 65 years (must not be older than 65 by the time the home loan matures)

Residential Status

Indian Residents, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)

Minimum Income 

Salaried – Rs. 15,000 per month

Self Employed – Rs. 1.5 lac per annum

(varies across lenders & locations)

Minimum Work Experience

Salaried – 1 year

Self Employed – 5 years

Property Type

Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties

Credit Score

Preferably 750 and above (varies across lenders)

Loan Against Property Interest Rates

Rate of Interest
Bank of Baroda 9% – 9.75%
HSBC 9% – 9.75%
Deutsche Bank 9% – 9.75%
Axis Bank 9.25% – 9.75%
FedFina 9.25% – 10%
Kotak 9.25% – 10%
SBI 9.25% – 10%
HDFC Bank 9.5% – 10.5%
ICICI 9.5% – 10.5%
Bajaj Finance 9.75% – 10.25%
SCB 9.75% – 10.50%
IDFC 9.75% – 11%
Godrej Housing Finance Ltd 9.75% – 11.5%
L&T Finance 10% – 11.5%
DCB Bank 10% – 11.5%
Poonawalla Fincorp 10.25% – 15%
RBL 10.5% – 11.5%
Yes Bank 10.5% – 12.5%
Axis Finance 10.5% – 12.5%
Aditya Birla 10.5% – 12.5%
AU Bank 10.5% – 12.5%
Tata Capital 10.5% – 12.5%
Indiabulls 10.5% – 13%
IndusInd 10.5% – 13%
Chola 10.75% – 14%
PNB 11.5% – 13%
Fullerton 11.5% – 14.5%
Hero 11.5% – 14.5%
Avanse 12.5% – 14%
ARKA Fincap 12.5% – 14.5%
Protium Finance 13% – 15%
Ambit Finvest 13% – 15%
Jana Small Finance Bank 13% – 15%
AnandRathi 14% – 15%
Edelweiss Finance 14% – 16%
Shriram Finance 14% – 16%
U GRO Capital 14% – 17%
Ashv Finance – Intellecash 16% – 17%
NeoGrowth 16% – 18%

Documents Required

Salaried Individuals
  1. Individual KYC (Photo, Pan, Aadhar Card of all applicant & Co-applicants)
  2. Utility Bill (Electricity Bill / Gas Bill)
  3. Form 16/Bank statements (bank statements or passbook for last 6 months) or last 6 months salary slips/Income tax returns for last 3 years
  4. Current job appointment letter (if more than 2 years have been spent in the same job)/Current employment certificate/Experience certificate 
Self Employed Individuals
  1. Individual KYC (Photo, Pan, Aadhar Card of all applicant & Co-applicants)
  2. Utility Bill (Electricity Bill / Gas Bill)
  3. Gumasta Licence (Proprietor), Company Pan Card/Partnership Deed (Partnership), Company Pan Card/MOA/AOA/Certificate of Incorporation/List of Director’s & Shareholding Patter (Pvt. Ltd.)
  4. Udyam Certificate
  5. 1 year GST return.
  6. Last 2 years ITR of company and individual with CA attested (Acknowledgement, Computation of Income, Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Account with schedules
  7. Last 12 months current account banking
  8. Last 6 months saving account banking
Property Documents
  1. Registered Sale Deed, Allotment Letter or Stamped Agreement of Sale with the Builder, Share Certificate
  2. Occupancy Certificate & Completion Certificate
  3. NOC from Society/Builder
Note: The above list is indicative and your lender might ask for additional documents.


1) Is it important to have my account in the bank which is doing my loan against property disbursement

a. No, but if you are an account holder of the bank who is providing you a loan, it is an added advantage.

2) What is the maximum loan I can get against my Property?

a. You can get a Loan Against Property up to a maximum of 65%* of the market value of your property. However norms differ as per Banks & NBFCs.

3) What Property can be considered as collateral for LAP

a. You can provide your self-occupied Residential or Commercial property (Shops and Offices) as collateral.

4) What is a loan against property?

a. A loan against property (LAP) is exactly what the name implies -- a loan given or disbursed against the mortgage of property. Loan against property belongs to the secured loan category where the borrower gives a guarantee by using his property as security

5) If a property is jointly owned by me / an individual and his/ her relative, can they take a loan against this property?

If you share property ownership with someone else -- spouse, business partner, relative -- it's unlikely he can take out a mortgage or a home equity loan without your consent. It's not, however, completely impossible. A lot depends on the terms of your ownership agreement, and the type of ownership that you share.

6) Can I get tax benefit on loan against property?

a. No tax exemption: LAP is not eligible for any tax benefits or deductions. However, you can continue to claim the available tax exemptions if you have an existing home loan on the same property against which you have taken a LAP.

7) What is the difference between home loan and loan against property?

a. Loan against property is offered against a property that is already in your name. Home loan or mortgage loan is taken only for the purpose of purchasing a property while loan against property can be taken for any purpose.

8) In how much time will the loan get disbursed7) How is a loan disbursed for an under construction property

a. It usually takes 10-15 days but depends upon bank to bank and case to case.

8) I am an NRI. Can I get a Loan Against Property?

a. Yes! Bank provides LAPs for salaried NRI customers.

9) What are the loan tenure options?

a. You have the option of selecting a term you are comfortable with, ranging from 5 to 15 years, provided the term does not extend beyond you reaching 65 years of age or retirement age, whichever is earlier.

10) Why should I choose LAP from Rupeeboss?

a. RupeeBoss offers the convenience of online with the assurance of offline. We have 58+ banks & NBFCs options available for your loan. We provide the ease of instant approval for customer’s emergency requirements. The process of Loan Against property is simple & hassle free. We also help our customers to rectify their credit score to make them eligible for all kinds of loans. Our experts try their best to get the best deal on Loan Against Property to the borrower.

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