Money is something that you may require at any time in your life for various reasons like wedding expenses, school fees, medical bills, or funds for your business. The easiest thing to do today is to apply for a personal loan or a business loan. But the sad news here is that frauds are sitting out there to cheat people who want to avail of a loan. The rise of these frauds has particularly increased after the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which made families and business winners witness a financial crisis. In such a scenario, you need to protect yourself from getting the victim of a fraudulent cat with you by seeking support from a Fintech platform like Rupee Boss. Their experts work with only trusted financial institutions, and you are assured of a secure, hassle-free, and fast transaction of your desired loan.

Warning Signs to Avoid Loan Scams and Frauds in India

Warning Sign 1: Upfront Loan Fee

There is a loan fee that you need to pay, but it is generally deducted from the personal loan amount being disbursed to you by trusted financial institutions. So, if you are demanded of an upfront loan fee, then consider it as a vital sign of a scam. Hence, if you are being asked to deposit money even before the loan has been disbursed to you, then take a step back for sure.

Warning Sign 2: No Verification of Your Credit History

Before sanctioning and disbursing your personal loan amount, a financial institution checks your credit score and credit history for sure. If anyone is offering you a personal loan without any details of your credit score and repayment history, there is a big chance of it being a scam waiting to cheat you. The best way to deal with this is to contact the trusted Fintech platform for your loan needs at

Warning Sign 3: Limited Period Offers

When you hear something available for a limited period, you don’t want to miss out on it. But loans don’t work like that! They are never offered for a limited period. Hence, if someone is offering you a loan scheme with lower interest rates, saying the offer is valid for a limited period, then strictly stay away!

Warning Sign 4: Unsecure Website Links

Remember, a trusted financial institution offering loans will have an “HTTPS” site and not just an “HTTP” site. So, be alert and check the website to see if it is from a secured server to do away with the chances of online fraud happening to you. Fintech platforms like work with trusted financial institutions only for various kinds of loans, and hence, the wisest decision is to contact them.

Wrap up!

The world of online personal loans is filled with fraud in India. Therefore, you need to be the saviour for yourself by being alert and approaching only a reputed lender like to ensure that you are at no risk of getting scammed. It provides personal loans to you only after verifying your credit score, credit history, and the required documentation through a secure digital process.

Take advantage of loan services and fulfil your dreams!

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