Education is a powerful tool that empowers you to grow financially in life and contribute meaningfully to society. Today, the cost of higher studies in India or abroad has become a roadblock for many deserving students. Families cannot sustain the education expenses from their personal savings, and that’s where the need for education loan steps in that supports securing your child’s educational future with higher studies. The instant education loan facility by to fund your education helps cover the cost of studies and other related expenses. Have you got instant queries? The AI-based Chat Bot on will help you to get your loan sanctioned instantly on the messenger itself!

Why opt for an Education loan for higher studies?

Well, many families keep away from the education loan owing to incomplete knowledge and associated reasons that include:

    • Taking up an education loan is a liability.

    • It’s a complicated and overwhelming process.

    • It requires dealing with banks and a lot of paperwork!

As explained by the Fintech company professionals at, families need to start looking at education loans for higher studies in India as an investment in their child’s future and potential. You can get an instant loan with an easy application process, easy approval and no security needed.

What are the advantages of taking an education loan for higher studies?

To bridge the gap between quality higher studies and yourself, consider the advantages of an education loan!

Advantage 1: Claim Income Tax Deduction

The individual under whom the education loan for higher studies in India is availed can claim a deduction for the entire interest part under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act. However, some conditions are attached to this clause, and for the same, the professionals at can guide you the best!

Advantage 2: Wide coverage

The education loan for higher studies in India covers not only the course’s cost but the entire education expense. It generally covers the following:

    • Tuition fees

    • Hostel expenses

    • Books cost, exam, library, and lab fees of any

    • Travelling expenses

Advantage 3: Moratorium Period

When you opt for an education loan, you get a facility called a moratorium period, which is also known as a holiday period. As a part of this facility, your loan repayment starts after completing the course. You get a moratorium generally six months to one year before beginning the EMI.

Advantage 4: Easy process

Getting an education loan from your higher studies in India with by your side makes the entire process smooth and easy with a simple application process to multiple financial institutions, quick approval, no security required and quick disbursal of your loan amount.

Final words!

Education loans for higher studies in India are a great pathway to get your desired education from a reputed educational institution. Once you have decided on the kind of loan- Domestic or Overseas education loan, the next step is to speak to the professionals at the best Fintech platform. Start here!

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