India today witnesses a burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem and has become a great place to launch your startup enterprise in the recent years. Well, running your own business is a dream for many! Your startup business could be MSME or SME, a large enterprise, and all require capital funding. The great news is that the startup funding options in India support you to build a strong base for your startup business and grow it further too.  Are you   wondering how to get started! Click here to get your support with Retail, SME loans and much more with instant loan approval for your business.

Here is a compiled list of loan options to fund your startup in India.

Option 1. Business Loan from Private or Public Sector Bank

For a long time, banks have been an excellent option for securing your loan to fund your startup business idea as it proves to be a reliable and convenient way of getting your funds. The banks invest in startup businesses in India in two forms, namely term loans and working capital loans. With the support of, getting your loan from a private or public sector bank in India can get much more straightforward, faster and easier.

Option 2. Small Business Loans from MFIs or NBFCs

Well, it is crucial to understand that if you are a new player entering into a startup business in India and looking for funds, getting a business loan without having a financial history or a credit score can be an issue with private and public sector banks. The wise thing to do here with the advice from a financial company is to check your credit score and get in touch with Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) and Non-banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)  to get loans for our startup enterprise.

Option 3: Various Government Loan Schemes for Funding

The Government of India aims to provide funding support to startup enterprises, SMEs, MSMEs, educated youth, women entrepreneurs, educated youth, small-scale industries, people from both rural and urban areas and many more through various loan schemes that includes:


    • Startup India

    • PSB Loans in 59 minutes

    • Stand-up India- Atal Innovation Mission

    • Trade-related Entrepreneurship Assistance and Development (TREAD)

    • CGTMSE

    • MUDRA loan- Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY)

For more information and guidance on business loan schemes of India, get in touch with

Option 4. Credit Cards for Business

If your startup enterprise demands small amount of funding in its initial stages, then credit cards for business are a great tool to use for funding. It’s convenient for managing day-to-day expenses and helps build a credit history for your business, making it a popular choice for startup enterprises.

Wrap up!

Undoubtedly, India offers many loan options today for startup enterprises. However, assessing your startup’s financial requirements, growth prospects, and repayment capabilities is essential. That’s why seeking guidance from a financial advisor at is crucial to successfully navigate and find the best business loan startup funding in India.

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